Theme- & Gamestations

Welcome to Wipfelzipfel´s (a pixie!) homeland!

Journey with pixie, Wipfelzipfel, trough this natural alpine countryside and discover the make-up of forest, from the roots to the treetops.


Activity park

A further highlight is a lower ground rope park, situated near the Tree-Top Trail.
There are different elements and stations close to the ground, where guests can practice climbing, balancing, and swinging over various zip wires, rope and bridge constructions.


Wipfelzipfel´s Theme- & Game Stations and the Activity Park are included in the admission price

Wipfelzipfel sitzt (Glemmtaler Baumzipfelweg)
Zwerg Wipfelzipfel (Glemmtaler Baumzipfelweg)
Bis bald am Baumzipfelweg Saalbach Hinterglemm